The Race for Excellence: A Renewed User Experience and New Horizons - Racerloop

The Race for Excellence: A Renewed User Experience and New Horizons

Greetings, Racers! 

We have exciting news to share with all of you about the future of our game. This year has been incredibly significant with our arrival on the Epic Games Store and the availability of the Early Access version of Racerloop. Now, we are ready to take the next big step. 

Buckle up and enjoy the read! 

Blink Galaxy Launcher: Final Preparations Before Hitting the Track 


From the moment we announced Blink Galaxy as the nerve center of our ecosystem, we knew it was crucial to improve how players interact with it: how they log in, download their favorite titles, and keep them updated with the latest versions and hotfixes. 

Today, we are pleased to unveil the first version of our launcher to the world, a tool designed to make life easier for players and users of the ecosystem. This is just the first version, but it lays a solid foundation on which we will build a launcher that meets all the needs of Blink Galaxy ecosystem users. 

Why now and what is the relationship with Racerloop? 

Since our release on the Epic Games Store, we have been welcoming over 100 new racers each day who are challenging the track limits in the various circuits of Racerloop, resulting in more than 500 races daily across the different game modes. 

The competition is more alive than ever. 

And so is our Galaxy! 😉 

Having our own Launcher makes it easier to enter the ecosystem and start new adventures, making the process of downloading and updating any game similar to the experience offered by any current video game distribution platform. Making that first contact smooth and hassle-free is one of our priorities since it is key to captivating and subsequently retaining new users. 

At the same time, building our own launcher does not close the door to our games being available on third-party platforms, but it is undoubtedly a significant step towards improving the user experience for current and future players in our ecosystem. 

Epic Games Store is just the first step, Racers! 

Redefining Priorities: A New Path Ahead 

Our current goal is to create the best possible experience on PC. This will allow us, in the future, to adapt Racerloop to other platforms, such as video game consoles, and offer a satisfying experience for players in other ecosystems. 

This has led us to temporarily set aside the implementation on WEMIX as this platform has a strong presence on mobile devices. Therefore, we have decided to explore other options that expand the availability and accessibility of our title across other platforms of our title from other platforms with a greater presence in PC gaming. 

We are currently in talks with some relevant players in the gaming and blockchain technology industry, seeking like-minded allies to establish a satisfying relationship that will allow us to take Racerloop to the next level. 

We aim to enrich the user experience by adding functionalities while keeping the gameplay essence that characterizes Racerloop immutable. 

The engines are already roaring, the race for excellence has begun, and we are just in the first laps. 

Follow our trail, if you can, so you don’t miss what’s coming! 

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