The Beta date for Racerloop is approaching: July 18th  - Racerloop

The Beta date for Racerloop is approaching: July 18th 

Just four months after releasing its Pre-Alpha version, the exciting racing game announces a new release with new scenarios, new ships, and a tokenized economy. 

Racerloop players have every reason to celebrate. Just 4 months ago, the spaceship racing game burst into the gaming industry with its fast-paced Pre-Alpha version. And now, the video game developed by Maniac Panda Games has taken a giant leap forward with the rapid development of its Beta version, which will introduce new features and enhanced functionalities. 

As the release date approaches, Racerloop’s Beta version reveals a host of exciting features: a new and revamped scenarios, a tokenized economy, the highly anticipated ship customization, and thrilling game modes. 

New features to fuel your ambition 

Pushing the boundaries of the Unity engine, Racerloop will experience a before and after in this Beta: 

In this version, the game environments are doubled, going from three to a total of six: alongside the familiar Desert, Temple, and Refinery, Racerloop introduces the frenetic new settings of the Arena, Water World, and Sky World. These environments, based on the planets of the Outer Ring MMO universe, will each have at least two or three circuits. With this expansion, Racerloop offers a grand total of 17 circuits for players to compete in during the Beta phase. 

One of the most anticipated novelties is the introduction of a tokenized economy in the game. Although more details will be provided soon, it is already official that players will be able to use both soft and hard currency to progress within Racerloop, gradually accessing new features, resources, and materials to enhance their ship. With these additions, Racerloop’s ships are now customizable, allowing players to adapt them to their gameplay style. They can also build their arsenal and adjust their preferences in their own garage. 

In addition, pilots can satisfy their ambition through new game modes, among which the Career mode stands out, featuring different chapters and unlockable cups. By conquering these challenges, players earn valuable rewards that aid their progress within the game. 

Racerloop arrives at Blink Galaxy 

Following the successful launch of Outer Ring MMO on June 28th, Racerloop will be the second title to appear on the list of downloadable games on Blink Galaxy, the digital distribution platform created by the tech company Nexxyo Labs. 

To download the game, players must first register on this platform and then obtain an executable file in which they can access the Beta through a login process. As the Pre-Alpha, the Beta will be open to any user. Within the game, players will be able to store their information as pilots, as well as information about their respective ships and parts. 

Racerloop will continue to reveal details about its Beta in the coming days. Get ready to experience the speed and excitement of Racerloop in its Beta version starting on July 18th! 

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