Racerloop, the zero-gravity ship racing game, takes off with its Pre-Alpha launch

Racerloop, the zero-gravity ship racing game, takes off with its Pre-Alpha launch

Racerloop, an arcade racing game by Maniac Panda Games, has released an open Pre-Alpha for PC, available for free download on its webpage. We can now test the speed of 12 different ships through 5 unique circuits. Including desertic tracks, futuristic spaceports and ancient scenarios. The game is under development by a team that features developers coming from renowned titles such as Wipeout or video games companies as Gameloft.

Get started inside Racerloop

The Outer Ring is a sci-fi universe set thousands of years after our current timeline. In this era, the past inhabitants of our planet, known as the Earthlings, have successfully achieved interplanetary space travel and now settle in the Indabi Nebula along with other sentient species. 

Although many things have changed throughout the centuries, one remains the same. We have the natural instinct to test our speed. Chariot races evolved into Formula 1 Gran Prixes, and now, a new era of racing has emerged—this competition is known as Racerloop.

Getting started into this game is very simple: you can download its Pre-Alpha directly from their webpage. Once it’s running, you can select your preferred controls and prepare for your first race. There are multiple tracks, none with a speed limit for your ship to break. Choose the coolest model and just wait for the lights to turn green! 

During this Pre-Alpha, you will be able to test five types of power-ups, which introduces chaos and uncertainty to the gameplay:

  • The Ghost power-up makes you invisible and immune.
  • Electro-Magnetic pulse presses your opponents breaks with a magnetic pulse.
  • The Missile is just a missile.
  • You can regenerate energy with the Boost Refill power up. 
  • Mini Black Hole teleports the player a certain distance ahead along the track.


Additionally, players will be able to try out the Quick Race game mode against artificial intelligence and Time Trial mode to get their best lap time, and put their turning, boosting, overtaking, and drifting skills to test for the first time.  

What can we expect from Racerloop?

Once the development is completed, the game will allow us to customize our vehicles with upgrades and trade them with other players to stand out on the track and gain a competitive edge in both single and multiplayer competitions.

In addition, Racerloop is planning to add an optional blockchain layer outside the game that allows us to trade their items, such as pieces or ships, as NFTs and gain GQ tokens as a reward.

Join a global racing community 

Online multiplayer competitions will get implemented as the game evolves, featuring worldwide competitions with huge prizes. But it’s not too soon to start scouting your rivals and making possible teammates.

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