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Racerloop DevUpdate April

Welcome Racer! Ready for the first Racerloop DevUpdate? From now on, we will start sharing monthly news and updates related to the development of the Racerloop universe. Through this format, we first look in the rearview mirror, discuss the latest news about the game, and set our sights on the curves of future updates. Key points of the DevUpdate:
  • Players from all over the world are already enjoying the Pre-Alpha of the game.
  • Yellow light: the Beta of Racerloop will be officially released on July 18.
  • Racerloop at Gamergy Argentina.

Drivers share their Pre-Alpha gameplays

Drivers from all corners of the planet Earth, especially Spain, Latin American countries and the United States, have already downloaded the Pre-Alpha version of the game and are racing at full speed on our circuits. The competition has also reached the social networks thanks to the #bestloop trend. Numerous users share their times on Twitter under this hashtag and challenge each other in the community.
However, the photo-finish is not the only important one. The #ShotOnRacerloop trend has also left us some images to remember, framing scenarios, ships, overtaking and intrepid crashes.
If you have not yet participated in these trends, there is still time!

The Beta has a date: July 18, 2023

After the success of the Pre-Alpha, the development team is already preparing its next version, loaded with updates and new challenges. We comment them: New tracks and environments. We have completed the construction of a new circuit in the Temple, with much more verticality, which you will notice as you start driving, but keeping the details of the environment, full of mushrooms and nature.
At the same time, we continue to explore the universe in search of new places to build our circuits. This last environment has been named Arena, and it is the first one where we apply a new technology that allows us to fill the stands with Outer Ring MMO characters.
We start tuning the ships In the Beta, you will be able to start customizing your ships. The structure proposed means that each ship is composed of eight pieces, with at least five variations of each, allowing you to create unique ships that fit your play style. Start your career mode In the career mode, you will have to test all the skills you have acquired during the Pre-Alpha. Achieve the best times to earn great rewards, unlock customization items, increase your garage and reach the top of the rankings. Your account, in the cloud The Beta will allow you to register your user to be able to save your times and positions on the leaderboards. With cloud save, you will be able to resume your progress from any device and start building your reputation on Racerloop.

Success and positive feedback at Gamergy Argentina 2023 and Metaworld Congress

Last April 7th, Racerloop visited Buenos Aires to participate in one of the gaming events of the year. During 3 days, the Web3 Gaming area of the Gamergy, where we were hosted, did not stop receiving visitors and players. More than 2,000 Racerloop races were played, being the second most played game in our category.
In addition to these data from the international event, which are always relevant, it is important to highlight the good reception and feedback we received at the recent Metaworld Congress in Madrid. Gamers, content creators and other members of the industry, present at both events, gave us a great reception and showed great interest in the future of our development. The format, once it begins to integrate blockchain technology, will serve as a gateway for many gamers who come looking for adrenaline and fun, and end up participating in the game’s tokenized economy to progress or monetize their experience. Conclusion: We’ve taken the right path! If you want to keep up to date with the latest news about Racerloop, don’t forget to follow our social networks and subscribe to our newsletter. The Beta is just around the corner, be the first to race it!

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