Racerloop Dev Update: Ready to race our last build before Epic - Racerloop

Racerloop Dev Update: Ready to race our last build before Epic

Racers, as we put the finishing touches on Racerloop for its Early Access release on the Epic Games Store, we’re ensuring every detail reflects the utmost quality of our game. This update offers an extensive preview of the enhancements you can expect—designed to deliver the high-octane excitement you deserve, presented with clarity and substance. 

  • Parts Upgrade System: Elevate every component of your vessel from the standard level 1 to a formidable level 12, transforming ordinary parts into the stuff of legends. Progress your gear through stages from Rare (level 4), Epic (level 7), to Legendary (level 10) using Exocredits and Cores, attainable through gameplay, completing challenges, or via the store. Legendary status isn’t just a pipe dream—it’s a goal any dedicated pilot can achieve without spending a dime, simply through perseverance and prowess. 
  • Challenges: Engage in our exclusive Time Trial Challenges available on the Epic Games Store Early Access, pitting you against the clock and competitors alike. Monitor your progress on live leaderboards, as you ascend through the ranks by honing your skills and strategy. Tickets are your entry to these challenges, regenerating over time or purchasable in the store, leading to a diverse and enriching competitive scene. 
  • Physics: We’ve adjusted the physics for a more realistic and immersive driving sensation.


  • New Profile Screen: Show off your racing triumphs with our newly enhanced profile screen that not only displays your achievements but also allows you deeply track your journey.
  • Parts Comparison System: Choose your upgrades wisely with our intuitive new parts comparison system, making decision-making visual and user-friendly. 


  • Interface and User Experience: We’ve polished the UI and UX so that navigating the game is intuitive and pleasant.   


  • Bug Fixes: Our latest update includes important bug fixes and enhancements to ensure the best possible stability and performance for all our racers. 

With this update, Racerloop is preparing for a great moment: our debut on the Epic Games Store. We keep the excitement, but we also want you to know that we are focused on offering you the best possible gaming experience. 


Don’t forget to follow us for more updates and join our community to stay up to date with everything related to Racerloop. The countdown to Epic has already begun, are you ready? 

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