Racerloop DevUpdate - May

Racerloop DevUpdate May

We’re back on track, Racer!

After our first spin through our April DevUpdate, we’ve got even more exciting news for the July Beta. Buckle up and get ready because this DevUpdate is loaded with awesomeness!

Here are the highlights:

  • We uncovered new race environments.
  • The ships are evolving into highly customizable vehicles.
  • A new user interface for the Beta.
  • Our Racers on social media are constantly pushing their limits and improving their lap times.


Exploring new frontiers of the Outer Ring universe

Our journey continues at warp speed, and Racerloop’s ships have ventured into uncharted territories to create mind-blowing circuits, located in the Outer Ring universe.

We’ve expanded the challenging and exhilarating environments like Desert and Arena, and now we’re introducing you to an epic world called Waterworld.

  • Desert03: A balanced track that will challenge all types of ships. Set in the middle of a treacherous sandstorm, it features frequent changes in verticality that’ll make you feel like you’re in a square loop. Watch out for those killer curves designed to test your braking and piloting skills!
  • Arena 02:This circuit takes place in a stadium at sunset, this accessible track boasts a killer feature: a double horizontal loop that pushes your ship into a long straight line. Here, ships with high top speed and good braking will have an edge. Get ready for the finish line because the free fall will knock you out of the game!
  • Waterworld 01: Prepare for an underwater adventure in this vast oceanic environment.  You’ll be surrounded by water as you navigate through a tube that lets you observe marine life. But don’t let the serene surroundings fool you, the ships will have to face a narrow track filled with fluid orientation changes, requiring players to be attentive to the trajectory and precise in the curves. Can you handle this deep-sea journey?

Customize your ship to suit your style!

As we mentioned in the April DevUpdate, the ships in the upcoming July Beta can be customized piece by piece. But that’s not all, Racer:  not only can you tweak your ship’s performance to match your style, but you can also give it a personal touch in its appearance.

Introducing Skins, a new customization system for both players and collaborators. This tool applies to all ship parts and allows you to configure colors, finishes, and stickers within the options of the configurator.



New user interface: a more sporty and futuristic gaming style

We’ve given our interface a killer makeover for the upcoming launch. It’s sporty, futuristic, and totally reflects the heart and soul of Racerloop. With vibrant colors and dynamic lines, each screen represents the excitement and speed of the races.

This new approach and style, which is being refined and homogenized across all game screens, focuses on simplicity and clarity, all with one goal in mind: to immerse the user in the competition without complications.

The use of vibrant and eye-catching colors, combined with futuristic lines and technological shapes, captures the essence of competition and speed in every screen. The interface becomes a space that reflects the excitement and intensity of ship races.

Keep racing towards the Beta!

The race never stops at Racerloop, just like the #bestloop out there. Our most loyal Racers continue to share their times on social media, challenging each other and offering advice on circuits and ships.  Don’t be left in the dust, keep practicing your skills for the Beta!

July 18th is just around the corner, Racer, so rev up because soon you’ll be able to enjoy all the updates we’ve been sharing. In the meantime, if you don’t want to miss anything, don’t forget to follow us on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter.  Stay in the loop with us! We’ve got some epic adventures coming your way!

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