Racerloop is a zero-gravity arcade racing video game set in the universe of Outer Ring, where you’ll compete to become the fastest pilot in the galaxy. 

The latest version of Racerloop will be available on July 18th on the Blink Galaxy platform, developed by Nexxyo Labs. 

Blink Galaxy is the digital distribution platform created by Nexxyo Labs with the purpose of gathering video games developed by Maniac Panda Games, as well as other proprietary and third-party projects. 


Blink Galaxy will act as a bridge between video games and web3 technology, if necessary.

The game will be available for any user with an account on Blink Galaxy. Therefore, you’ll simply need to have a user account to download and access the game

It will not be possible to change the username. 

The pillars of the Beta are ship customization, tokenized economy integration, expanded circuits, and the addition of new gameplay modes such as the Career Mode. 

Through web3 technology, Racerloop allows players to trade parts, acquire, buy, and exchange digital assets, transform invested time into tangible rewards, and be part of a tokenized free market. 

Ships Customization and Tokenized Economy

Ship customization is one of the most anticipated features of the Beta. As a starting point, you will have two ships available in the game, one of which can be customized piece by piece. 

The ship has eight customizable parts. Additionally, you can also change its appearance with the skin system. 

Yes, indeed. The configuration of your ship and the choice of parts will make your ship unique. 

You can obtain parts either as rewards in the game or by purchasing them in the store. 

Your ship will always need to have a charge to race on the track, as well as its shield and life systems charged. To have any of these, you can either wait for a certain amount of time or acquire them in the store. 

At the moment, you will not be able to create, acquire, or trade NFTs in the Racerloop Beta. 

In Racerloop, you will be able to use Hard Currency (Astra) and Soft Currency (Exocredit). 

Galactic Quadrant is the cryptocurrency that you need to acquire in order to exchange it for Astra within the game. 

You can acquire GQ on any of the following centralized exchange platforms (Gate, Huobi, Mexc, Bitbase, Tokpie, Bitmart, Bitget) or decentralized ones (Pancakeswap, Biswap, Apeswap, Babyswap). 

First, you need to transfer your Galactic Quadrant to your Blink Galaxy account. Then, once you have logged into Racerloop, you can exchange your tokens for the corresponding amount in Astra. 

If the transaction fails when purchasing Astra, you will not lose your GQs. 

Whenever you purchase a part, charge, or any other item in the store, a confirmation window will always appear. If that doesn’t happen, the transaction will not be processed, and no charge will be made to your balance. 

The parity between Astra and USD is the following one: 100 Astra is equivalent to 1 USD.  

There is no stable parity between Astra and GQ, as the price of GQ may vary and fluctuate along with the market 

How to race in Racerloop

In the Beta, there are two ways to compete: one in the Quick Mode and the other in the Career Mode. 

The Quick Mode is a playing field where you can practice and improve your lap times. You’ll have the option to compete in time trials, without power-ups, and with various settings to practice and refine your skills. 

The Career Mode will be the competition that allows you to earn in-game rewards. Divided into different chapters, cups, and events, you will face challenges that put your skills to the test and require everything you’ve practiced in the Quick Mode. 

Our team is working on it, and we will soon announce the updates. Stay tuned, Racers! 

In the Beta, you will discover a total of 17 circuits located in different environments: Desert, Refinery, Temple, Arena, WaterWorld, and SkyWorld.